Awesome Wood Bathroom Trends of 2016

In recent years, established itself in the interior design trend is to use natural materials in the design and in particular wood. It is ideal for all types of housing, all areas and will be appropriate in almost all styles. In addition to environmental friendliness, it has a number of advantages – durability, reliability, durability, ease of use. Any interior immediately becomes more comfortable and “warmer” if it appear wooden elements.

For the bathroom, this material fits just perfectly. Not for nothing because in all the Nordic countries can be found analogs of wood bathroom and saunas. So nice to walk barefoot on the warm floor. A large number of natural colors, making it easy to combine it with other materials and colors. But its use has a number of its features, which can be considered to rid yourself of possible difficulties in the future.

Which wood to choose?

It is best to choose those tree species that tolerate high humidity and are resistant to water. The best way to deal with it larches (inner part of the trunk). It is followed by teak, oak, elm, pine servant. Well proven exotic wood – Merbau, Jatoba, Iroko, dusii, cedar, ebony, Babmuka, cork oak. They are most resistant to moisture and to the appearance of fungi.

bathroom-made-of-wood-from-the-exclusive-wood-style bathroom-tile-that-looks-like-wood wood-floor-in-bathroom

Bathroom Design Ideas For Small Bathrooms

Bathroom Design Ideas For Small Bathrooms

In a zone to place?

It’s very simple – there, where the tree will be exposed to the greatest effects of the water: near a sink, bathtub, shower, it is best to use exotic species. For more remote areas of moisture, can be selected from virtually any varieties except for pine, spruce, cherry, pear, Kempas, badi, Gautama, zebrawood, wenge. When decorating a bathroom, you can use local species: beech, elm, oak, ash, larch, aspen.

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The spanning tree?

For bathrooms sold wood already impregnated with water-repellent composition. If you want to do everything on their own, the first tree treated with water-repellent and anti-fungal compounds. And after laying or installation, can be coated with a varnish, oil, wax, paint. This will protect against moisture. The most popular method – varnishing. Luck can open both local and exotic species. To do this, suitable only water-repellent paints, which do not crack and retain the original look of the wood. This coating should be repeated every 5-7 years.

bathroom-decorating-a-tree-can-refer-to-even-the-ceiling bathroom-furniture-made-from-wood solid-wood-bathroom-vanities solid-wood-bathroom-vanity wood-tiles-in-bathroom wood-bathroom-vanity-and-standing-shower-glass-frame-near-bedroom

Wood used in the bathroom should be dry. Poorly seasoned wood over time begins to crack and deform the constant temperature changes and humidity.

Where to use?

Here it is all depends on the imagination and budget and the chosen style. You can restrict the decor – issue raised in the mirror at the seaside twigs, driftwood found use as a hanger. You can go the more traditional way – to order or make a wooden countertops, cupboards and shelves. You can experiment and draw a floor, wall or ceiling only, sheathe tree box for the bathroom. And you can indulge after new trends and order a wooden bath. Perhaps this is not very practical, but an unforgettable experience you exactly guaranteed.


Wood is an unique and amazing in its properties to the material. Its popularity is due not only to increasing the eco-movement in the society. Since ancient times, wood was used not only to keep warm and to build a house, but also to decorate the house and make it more comfortable. Such material is easy to combine not only with the stone, glass and metal, but also modern plastic. If the design approach to the mind and not to try to turn their bathroom on the ninth floor is, in the likeness of the Finnish bath, which is also possible. And to combine different materials and choose the tree only a few areas. That your interior will look fresh and home-made “warm”.

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