Wall Mounted Toilet: in a modern interior

Not so long ago, in bathroom and toilet of our compatriots appeared suspended toilet bowls. In foreign shelters this plumbing innovation already has had time to gain popularity and find its niche in the field of Interior items that will help you save space and time on the premises of its cleaning. Let’s tackle details the advantages and disadvantages of such a purchase, learn about “underwater” stone of toilet with installations and how to select the perfect model for your interior.

Design features

Not so long ago, our compatriots who have seen in magazines or on the pages of Internet resources design projects bathrooms and toilets with suspended toilets could only wonder – how such seemingly unreliable design, attached? Familiar to most of us, there is no mounting feet, no fastening elements to the wall and is not visible. Today, most homeowners who purchase plumbing perplexing questions, know that the stability of the suspension attaches to the toilet installation – massive frame, usually made of steel. Such a frame may only be attached to a wall or to the floor even further. The illusion of the suspended state of the toilet arises from the fact that the mounting frame (installation) closes false wall made usually from the drywall.


Suspended toilet often mounted in a recess bathrooms, where are the communication of plumbing and sanitary. In this case, drain the tank with all the accessories hides behind the plasterboard wall. If you are installing the toilet chosen another place, you still have to build the value of deepening of 20-25 cm for the installation of the toilet tank. Mounted tank will be four point, two of which are located on the floor, allowing to adjust the height of the vessel with water. The drain tank is not made from ceramic or porcelain, as is the case with conventional designs, and durable plastic. Access to the toilet tank will be carried out through the flush button, which is located above the toilet. With this button holes can overlap the water to carry out minor repairs or fixing elements, parts of the communications.


The only thing that will be visible to our eyes – the toilet bowl. But by choosing this design element is approached with great responsibility, not only because of this. Modern range of models thicket toilets enables us to make a choice on the following criteria:

  • form – from traditional oval to rectangular, square and even polyhedrons;
  • color – from the classic to the white, black or red;
  • material – ceramics, porcelain, glass, polymer concrete, “liquid marble” steel.

If we talk about the features of the selection execution toilet bowl material, plastic is cheap enough, but not practical. The material is easily scratched and quickly loses its “trademark” look. Lack of polymer is that it is not possible to clean all sorts of means. The competition loses practicality faience porcelain. Porcelain smoother, easier to clean and less likely to have to do it.

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Prejudices associated with suspended toilets

1. Let’s try to dispel the first bias associated with suspended toilets with installation, saying that the design of these unreliable and can not withstand the weight of an adult and the more complete human being. Many people think that obese people can not set the console toilets in their homes. But it is important to understand that the reliability of the mounting structure provides a steel frame, which, among other things, is mounted to the wall and provides stability and durability of the entire structure. Modern plumbing manufacturers claim in their datasheets goods that hanging toilet is able to withstand the weight of 100 to 400 kg. Some take the bar higher, indicating maximum weight of 600 kg. One can safely say that such limits do not possess even the admissibility of floor model modern plumbing.


2. Many buyers are facing a choice of sanitary ware for bathrooms and toilets, are afraid that in case of breakage of any component of the design, it will be impossible to reach because of hiding all the elements of the plasterboard false panels. But manufacturers are not without purpose built tank set made of durable plastic. This element is able to last for many years without repair. Changing any portion might need except that in the drain system itself, to which access is possible through the flush button. After removing the panel with flushing button, you can reach the drain design elements – a mechanism with the float and the shut-off valve can always be adjusted or replaced.

It is also important to mention that the water tap (with which you can block access and repair or replace parts of the drainage system) is arranged not quite typical. On tap the original thread and fastened it with the help of plastic parts, which is easy to unscrew. If a fault is detected the system, the valve can be removed or simply left open, in which case the water will overlap outside.


3. Some homeowners are worried that in case of breakage of one of the construction details will be difficult to find a similar or the same, it would be costly, and the order will have to wait a long time. Having said that, initially hanging toilet installation is completed with all the necessary details. Elements of the replacement is available in sanitary ware stores in the same way as for any other model plumbing. In addition, the drain button buyer chooses (not necessarily buy the one that is recommended with this model toilet suspended) and can find out in advance the availability of spare parts in the shop selling plumbing.

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4. Another concern of owners of apartments and private homes who wanted to repair bathrooms, is that for the construction of structures with false panels need more space to install than conventional outdoor toilet. But the point is that hanging toilet, as opposed to the floor, is located close to the wall. Space, which normally takes a conventional toilet flushing tank is discharged, in this case to install. If the mounting frame is placed in the niche for communication, then the person is not only superfluous consumption of useful bathroom space, but even saving precious centimeters.


5. And last but not least for the majority of Russians myth stems from the fact that the cost of the suspended structure supposedly expensive floor. In fact, when compared to low-end models with overhead squat toilet, the latter really more expensive. But if we talk about the same quality models (performance material, manufacturer, strength level hardware), then the floor and pendant models are about one sector pricing policy plumbing manufacturers.

It is also necessary to say that the cost of the toilet outboard seriously affect the price of a steel frame, which can be purchased separately from the main structure. However, experts advise not to save this important design element because it provides a frame reliability and tightness is the backbone of the entire structure.


Advantages and disadvantages of suspended toilet

As with any plumbing fixtures, suspended from the toilet has its own advantages and disadvantages. Among the obvious advantages are the following:

  • toilet looks very compact and accurate due to the fact that all the accompanying elements are hidden behind false wall;
    the apparent ease of cleaning – the toilet itself is faster and easier to wash, so it is easier to wash the floors in the bathroom or under the bathroom plumbing, no need to wash difficult places for construction, as is the case with conventional floor-standing models;
  • at a set of water in the drainage tank noise is much less because the vessel is for plasterboard wall;
  • it is possible to configure a full or partial descent of water;
  • is mounted;
  • stylish, modern appearance which meanwhile harmoniously incorporated into any style of interior execution, even classical.


By cons installation suspended toilet include:

  • the need to call a specialist for installation design – on the Internet a lot of commercials that show cases of self-installation (under certain skills and tool kit), but to risk the reliability and robust construction, which is used by all family members every day, it is not necessary, it is better to invest in a master services;
  • in some cases, installing a suspended toilet bowl is not possible without the transfer of communications, which entails an additional cost for materials and work, as well as increasing assembly time;
  • if in the bathroom there is a niche for communication lines, it will be necessary to build a recess for mounting the outboard model, which also entails additional expenditure;
  • further false wall may interfere with access to a common communications, if you happen to crash into the water supply system or sewerage system.
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A few tips for an effective selection model hanging toilet

Among the many plumbing equipment manufacturers the greatest confidence among Russian buyers have earned the company from Germany and Italy. Qualitative models in mid-range produce Czech and Bulgarian companies.


Suspended toilet may seem quite tiny, but before you buy be sure to make sure that his “modest” dimensions correspond to free space in your utilitarian room. Make all the necessary measurements before the decision to go to a plumbing shop.

If you are, among other things, planned to acquire a bidet, then pay attention to the fact that many reputable manufacturers have models in which there are corresponding functions, and you can buy a 2 to 1, save. If you buy two sanitary device, practical and appropriate to set them for one installation. So the pair will not only look harmonious, but also firmly established with savings for owners.

Before buying the model you like Make sure you read the quality certificates, technical documentation, instructions for installation and use. Self-respecting manufacturers are sure to offer a guarantee on their product – make sure it is available.

In terms of practicality is best to choose a circular flush toilet – so much easier to keep clean bowl.

cistern button can be connected to a common fixture via a pneumatic or mechanical devices. It is they levers and cables, are considered more reliable elements serving for several years without interruption.

To save water, experts recommend installing a two-button drainage system – for full and partial emptying of a tank (usually no more than half of the amount of liquid). You can also install the drain system stop when you press the drain button so you can independently adjust the amount of flushing water in the toilet bowl.

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