Top 10 Sofa in Kitchen Ideas

It is difficult to overestimate the importance of kitchen space in any home. The hosts small apartments or spacious private homes – all trying to create in the kitchen the most comfortable, functional and at the same time cozy atmosphere. In the course of attending and resistance to various types of impact decoration, and roomy storage systems, and modern appliances. And what about the creation of a truly comfortable space where you can not only quickly and accurately prepare a meal, but also a pleasure to taste it, sitting on the couch? As you know, in this paper we consider the options for installation of the sofa under the kitchen space, whether combined or separate room with a dining area and a living room. In small apartments built in the times of the last century, our compatriots could not afford the installation of such a large piece of furniture, like a sofa. Places are not even enough for a full dining area. In modern homes the kitchen space is increasingly boast impressive dimensions, allowing the owners to consider not only ergonomic, but also a comfortable layout with additional furniture. In addition, the popularity of studio apartments, in which kitchen area dining room and living room connected to the sector is still high. So – the presence of the sofa in the room co inevitable. We offer you the examples of real-world design projects to consider the possibility, feasibility and benefit from the installation of the sofa in the kitchen area.


Advantages and disadvantages of having a sofa in the kitchen area

The advantages of the presence of the sofa in the kitchen room include the following:

  • comfort level dining area increases at times when instead of the usual chairs can sit on the sofa;
  • an extra bed for guests was late, especially if the sofa model involves unfolding in bed;
  • many models of upholstered furniture have a space at the bottom, which can be used as storage;
  • if the sofa in front of the TV set, the kitchen space and living room can perform the function (important for one-bedroom apartments with spacious kitchen).

sofas-for-kitchen-diner kitchen-with-sofa-area

Disadvantages of installing a soft sofa in the kitchen area as follows:

  • special microclimate and complex functional component of the kitchen space dictates a critical and careful approach to the choice of any items of furniture, and in particular those that are accompanied by upholstery that can absorb odors and getting polluted by various types of pollution;
  • the need to install a sufficiently powerful extract derived from the original features of the kitchen;
  • if the kitchen is small, even a compact model of the sofa is able to clutter the room, depriving him of his sense of space and freedom of movement.
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Selecting the size, shape and pattern of the sofa to the kitchen

Not many Russian cuisine can boast of a large area. Even in apartments with improved design for kitchen room (if it is not combined with the living room) is given a small room. In such circumstances, compact sofas with shallow depth are priority decisions. More effective this set a couch against the wall, and next to it has a dining group.

small-kitchen-design-with-sofa-seating kitchen-diner-sofa-ideas

Corner sofas are very popular with homeowners for installation in the living room, as well as for use in the kitchen area. The advantage of such models is that a small space area can be set sofa which provide the maximum possible number of seats. Another advantage is the efficient use of the corners of rooms, the most complex in terms of the selection of functional elements for interior installation.

Sofas in the form of a semicircle or arc found in the kitchen space not often due to lack of space in most of these kitchens. The more valuable and more original is the use of such a model. If the area of the room allows it and your dining table is round or oval.

Built-in sofas with drawers to store – the best option for a small kitchen. Given that such a sofa made to order, the size and design will maximize the opportunities and meet the priorities of your kitchen. On this couch convenient and comfortable, it can be used as storage systems, and it looks good, decorating kitchen interior. The disadvantage is the lack of built-in patterns of mobility and rather high cost due to the implementation of individual sizes and design (but much depends on the frame material performance and upholstery).

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Sofa with pull-out mechanism is able to transform any room apartment in a so-called “euro-deuce.” Extra bed has never stopped anyone, especially if a family has a need to organize a separate room (the kitchen and often isolated in a separate room) for an overnight stay possibility. But in this case the model is not easy to choose. Folding sofa rarely compact size. And the upholstery of the sofa to sleep should not be slippery (leather), but at the same time have high hygroscopic properties.

The most difficult to clean the upholstery of sofas made of natural fabrics – cotton. Linen, wool derivatives, modified silk, these fabrics are not suitable for use in the kitchen facilities. Popular now flock also not stand the constant cleansing of the stains of food and beverages, whose appearance within the kitchen space, unfortunately, inevitable, especially if the house has small children, pets.

Using the sofa as the accent of the interior elements – popular among designers and their customers a way of bringing originality in the design space. This variant design of the space is not only suitable for living rooms, kitchens and, combined with the dining room or a large-scale studios. Bright colorful print upholstery or fabric will not only spot accentual interior, but its highlight, the focal point around which is built the rest of the design space.

swedish-kitchen-sofa white-kitchen-sofa-furniture

The sofa in a line of garden furniture made of wicker or rattan will be harmonious look in the kitchen, decorated in a country style, Provence, Shabby Chic. Ease of construction, its portability and original appearance will undoubtedly be the highlight of the kitchen design.

Where to install the sofa?

Positioning the sofa in the kitchen area depends on:

  • the size and shape of the room;
  • the number and size of windows and doors;
  • selection plan kitchen units;
  • the number of functional segments of the room (kitchen, dining room, living room);
  • size and modification of the sofa;
  • availability and variations dining group.

One of the most popular uses of the sofa in the kitchen room – the inclusion of this piece of furniture in the dining group. It is logical that many owners want to ensure the maximum comfort of the household during the meal. And what could be more comfortable position on the couch? In this case, there are two options for the integration of the sofa in the dining ensemble – installation soft furniture against the wall of the subject (a variation for small spaces) and free-space kitchen (way to spacious rooms).

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If your kitchen can boast the presence of a bay window, then the best way to use this bright room space organization becomes a place for meals at the window. The most effective use of the sofa will be a model that clearly fits in bay dimensions, repeating its shape. It can be direct sofas, angular, and consisting of three sectors. Less commonly used semi-circular model (pick a sofa with an exact match is radial by a semicircular bay is not easy).


Flat as a way of zoning premises is used very often in the so-called kitchen-studio. If a spacious room combines kitchen features a dining area and living room, the presence of the inevitable couch. In this case, sofa seating area belongs to the group, but in terms of the choice of the model, the quality of upholstery and color solutions, it is necessary to take into account the criteria will be met by the kitchen furnishing, given the special microclimate of the multi-segment.

In the kitchen room furniture layout that provides for the island (or peninsula), it is logical to place the sofa to the front end of a separate module of the furniture. The best option will be the selection of the model corresponding to the size of the length of the kitchen island. But the corner of the sofa modification would be appropriate if there is enough available square meters.

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