Tips on Cleaning Wooden Decks


A lot of homes have wood decking installed in their backyard to serve as an added living space that can be used to enjoy the outdoors or perhaps host occasional outdoor parties. Although a wood deck can be quite lovely, it can develop mold and grime over the years, sometimes resulting in damage and wood rot. If you are living in an area where there is excess moisture in the air the whole year round then you may want to keep your deck as properly maintained as possible.

Cleaning a wooden deck is easy enough and can be done even with the most minimum of equipment. You can do this every month, although staining the wood and polishing it can be done once every few years to showcase the wood grain and keep it resistant from cracks and damages. Cleaning your deck starts with sweeping away all debris, including twigs and wooden sticks along with sand and small stones. Remember that wood is soft, so you must sweep away all visible debris before scrubbing and drying or the wood might get dented or scratched. Take the time to check the deck properly and make sure that it is free of these types of debris.

After sweeping away the debris you can start to spray it down using your regular backyard hose. Keep in mind that you have to direct the spray especially along crevices and inner corners, as this is where mold and mildew usually gather. Spraying it down will also get rid of the dust and any remaining dirt that got stuck in the crevices while sweeping it. Take note that spraying down your deck is just a portion of the whole cleaning process, and that mold and mildew can actually develop if you don’t see the whole cleaning process through. This can result in a shortened lifespan for your deck, as mold and mildew are the leading causes of decay in wooden decks.

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Wood decking can be scrubbed down using a nylon brush. Mix equal parts of water and your favorite cleaning agent to scrub down the deck area, making sure that every part is scrubbed thoroughly. Never use a steel brush to get rid of unwanted stains, as this can cause the deck to be scratched. After scrubbing down the deck area you can then proceed to wash the soap away by hosing it down again. Make sure that no residue remains on the deck. You can use soft cloth to dry off the railings to ensure that excess moisture is absorbed and that the railing will be properly dry.

It is recommended that you clean your deck area early in the morning to ensure that when the sky is at its highest and the heat is at its peak you are already finished with the cleaning process. The heat will dry off the excess moisture from the deck area, allowing you to have a clean and dry outdoor area come nightfall. Keeping your wood decking properly cleaned and maintained can assure you years of enjoyment in your backyard.

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