Technical Tips For Choosing Lamps

Sooner or later, everyone has to face for the first time with the problem of choosing a new lamp. Once in the store, dazzled not only by the diversity of design, but also on the technical aspects of such a choice. If the first is somehow possible to understand, it is necessary to remember what kind of style to your apartment you have chosen, and fast consultants are always ready to help. So with the technical side of the issue, it is better to be alert and to monitor all personally. Then it decreases the likelihood to purchase quite usable object.


1. Look carefully at the material from which made the light, if it is sufficiently tight, the sense from it will not be enough, and it will perform more decorative function.

2. Despite the fact that modern designers often experiment with fixtures materials to ensure the safety for themselves and their loved ones, it is better to stop on the traditional models of china, crystal, metal and heat-resistant plastic.

3. Be sure to check how easily you will be able to change a light bulb in the ceiling of. Very often it happens that the lighting too intricate design make this process in real torture. To avoid this, stop your choice on a simpler version.

4. Immediately take out the bulbs. Namely – specify how unique design for this particular model. So you will be able to prevent a situation where the burnt light bulb will have to be ordered from a distance and at an exorbitant price. And then, at the point of purchase, try to screw and unscrew the light bulb. If the cartridge is rotated, too it is the Chinese product, not depending on the information word and a consultant on the box.

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5. Instead of plastic cartridges, it is best to choose porcelain. Since the first often fail, and replacing them is difficult.

6. If you still bought the Chinese lamp, immediately replace all the wires. Often, they first break, but everything else can be corrected at home without any problems.

7. Before you connect the newly acquired lamp, better make sure that your switch opens is phase conductor. To do this, turn the switch to the idle position and any screwdriver tester to check the presence of phase fixture ground connection. The phases do not have – the right connection. If the switch is not properly connected (zero breaks, rather than phase), the ballast fluorescent lamp burns out quickly.

8. Choose fluorescent lamps only with electronic ballast (electronic ballast) – thanks to him, the problem is solved with the effect of flicker caused by this kind of light bulbs. And that nice, the consumption of such lamps is two times lower.

9. There are two types of electronic ballasts – with fast and warm start. In the first case, the lamp lights up almost instantly, which is important in the hallways, toilets and bathrooms, but it shortens the life of the lamps by approximately 10-20%. In the second case, the lamp flares 1-2 seconds, which prolongs its life.

10. It is important to remember that the lamps with electronic ballasts can not be switched on and off more than 2-3 times a day. Otherwise, they will break down quickly. Therefore, the toilet, hallway and bathroom, they are unlikely to fit the room.

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These are not complicated tips to help you choose the best light in terms of its practical use. After all, the beauty and originality of the model, it is only a small part of the question. When all this “Beauty” will become worthless after only a month of work, then you have to deal with quite the usual questions – all fix and correct. Therefore it is better to be safe and maximally protect themselves from possible mistakes.

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