Sliding Doors to Save Space in Your Home

Sliding doors are one of the best options you have if you do not have much space at home.

When choosing furniture and doors of your home, apartment or office, it is obviously necessary to take into account the size of the rooms and generally the space you have available. Especially if you live in the city and in an apartment, the problem of space is very important: people usually live in small houses and move in small rooms, and sometimes it can be hard to find enough room for all the furniture and objects need.

There are many tricks and tools to help you save space, from washing machines folding beds ultra-thin, but one of the most effective ways to save space in the house are certainly ways sliding doors.

Sliding doors are the perfect choice if you are facing space problem, since by their nature they are not bulky and can be opened and closed smoothly. Conversely, if you choose a different port, you must comply with the most restrictions regarding the position of furniture and furnishings is considered: to open the door, in fact, I could touch other objects in the room, and when you install a door swing, you need to consider not only the space occupied by the door, but also the necessary space when open.

sliding-door-solutions-for-small-spaces sliding-door-solutions-for-small-spaces-2

You do not have these problems if you choose a sliding door. In the market you can find many types of sliding doors in different designs and materials. There are two main types of sliding doors: sliding doors and sliding doors on the wall. In the first case the door completely disappears in the wall, by inserting an auxiliary frame that is created within the partition. The main advantage of this type of door is determined by its ability to disappear completely, leaving the space completely. After entering the door on the counter does not count! However, this type of sliding door also has some disadvantages, especially during the renovation work, if you decide to replace a pillar of the existing port. In this case, in fact, it is necessary to build the wall break the sub-frame, and the walls are not always thick enough.

sliding-door-storage-bedroom-room-office-for-small-spaces apartment-living-room-with-sliding-doors stylish living room with asian taste and sliding door within sliding doors for small spaces Sliding Doors to Save Space in Your Home new sliding door system makes small house design easier pertaining to sliding doors for small spaces Sliding Doors to Save Space in Your Home sliding doors room dividers ikea for your great room bedroom inside sliding doors for small spaces Sliding Doors to Save Space in Your Home

If the walls of your home are not thick enough for the structure of a pocket door, or if you do not want to work too invasive, the perfect choice for you could be the wall of sliding doors, which are installed on a roller system is mounted externally from the top. This solution saves space and furniture by choosing less constraints, such as pocket doors, but the disadvantage of sliding doors is that they have the sliding doors in the wall does not completely disappear. However, you can try to turn this disadvantage into an advantage, transforming the port into something useful for decorating your room. Here you can play with the colors, for example.

The decision on which type to buy sliding door – sliding doors or sliding wall – depends on your taste, but mainly in the size and shape of your house and rooms. In any case, no matter the type of sliding door you choose, you can be sure it will save space!

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