Roundup of Kitchen Cupboard Doors Ideas

I’m just finishing up watching the slideshow at Better Homes and Gardens about kitchen cupboards doors. There are tons of painted kitchen cabinet ideas. It’s really one of my favorite kitchen articles ever because they took one boring bank of cabinets and redid it in all different kinds of ways. Here are a few of the things I have learned from making my way through this:

1. Opulent Stencils. This almost gives the allusion of carving. There’s already an inset panel on these cupboard doors and it really does give more warmth to a simple painted cabinet. It would work better on flatter kitchen cabinet door styles, especially if you just had the plain vintage kind. My only hesitation is that this seems like a lot of pattern for a small space. Plus, it’s quite intricate; it just seems difficult for a beginner to do especially to get that 3D look and a cohesive style from door to door.

2. The cabinets are really the only solid plane in the “Country Vharm” kitchen. For some reason the designers decided to break up the same bank of cabinets I guess to mimic furniture better. Then there’s tons of pattern like a plaid area rug, check window treatment and large floral print on the walls. It really just screams country but it’s also totally different than what the kitchen started out as. Personally I would’ve broken it up with glass kitchen cabinet doors but these really weren’t featured a lot in this instance probably because of the difficulty and expense.

3. In a lot of the kitchens they painted the inside of the cabinets very dark colors like red or black to really make the upper cabinets pop and bring in drama.

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4. Mixing and matching the upper and lower cabinets is nothing new. However, in this kitchen the upper cabinets were tan with red distressed details and the lower ones were red with tan distressed details. I love this take on distressed kitchen cabinets. The sense of cohesion lies in the reverse colors.

Some of the colors of Kitchen Cupboard Doors were a little bit too wild for me personally, and I love color. I was a little disappointed that most all of the cabinets were painted. They really didn’t seem to ever work with natural wood, which is something that a lot of people have in their homes. However, the design principles of stenciling, faux finishes, adding molding, playing with color and even creating 3d effects really did drive home this article. Plus there seems to be something for everyone.


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