How To Pave Wooden Garden

wood you like a new patio for paving garden with wood How To Pave Wooden Garden

Do you want to pave your garden with wood? It can also be used as additional space square footage of your home. It is not a simple task, but if you have the right tools and follow the steps in this guide, it will be a job that even beginners will be able to complete.

Make sure you have on hand:

  • Laths or wooden tile treated for external
  • scree
  • sand
  • roller leveling
  • galvanized screws
  • mason’s bubble (optional).

The first step is the choice of wood. Something essential to preserve its original beauty is to take a piece of wood which has been subjected to treatments with the primers as well as protect it from the elements. I recommend this because otherwise it would be rotting, and you will have lost an entire job.

As a second step you’ll have to level your soil to avoid alterations, performing this action you will have to ensure that your timber can drain the water in case of rain. To fulfill the smoothing out of the ground the scree placed on the entire surface of the garden concerned to the pavement. Use a rake to spread around evenly. At this point put us above the sand to smoothing the surface, where you are going to lay the treated wood. Then you have to compress the sand with a roller to give stability to your floor and prevent weeds can grow and break into the midst of your strips of wood, or your tiles.

Now we move to the installation of your wood floor, you can choose between the wooden tiles that are deposited on the sand or the slats. The slats must be tailored to the size of garden you want to pave. To join them, use of galvanized screws which allow a great attachment. Next you need your space the strips about 1 cm apart to slide the rain water inside the wood and avoid the formation of puddles, or you can rest your planks slightly inclined outside (for verify the inclination simply purchase or a leveling bubble borrowed). Simply a tilt able to your goal. To avoid the boat of your staves because of excessive loads or sudden changes in temperature, fixed every 80 cm of the support strips for your floor.

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If you want to avoid leveling the ground you can buy prefabricated floors that are sold and used in the maritime zones. Here, finally, that you will then have your wood floor to garden.

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