New Ideas for Kitchen Wall Tile

Kitchen wall tile can work with a lot of different themes. If you already have this in your space it can really determine what kind of design directions you can go in whether it’s good or bad. This is really why the decision is so very important and you really do want to get it right the first time by following a few of these tips. If you are going with a ceramic kitchen wall tile find ways to mix it up. Of course you still want to keep it quite traditional. One way to do this would be to just reverse it so that it creates diamond shapes instead of traditional squares. This will require you to do a lot more cutting. Then just lay the tiles on top of each other so it does create a very dynamic kind of air in the space.

Another option for a kitchen wall ceramic tile is to go with a very unusual pattern. This is especially important if you are using a plain or solid color of tile. This is usually some of the cheapest material out there so you want to find ways to make it look a little bit more high end or at least interesting. A great way to do this is to just try to lay it in stripes or checks. You might want to keep this very neutral just because you don’t want it to stand out too much because this can end up looking cheap.

A kitchen wall tile backsplash can be an opportunity to bring in color as long as you bring in a range of color. A really great way to do this is with a glass piece. The really great advantage to this is that sometimes it uses metallic foils. This is great if you are having trouble deciding on an actual color. Instead, you can just go for a lot of glamour and charm. Just make sure that you also take into account the other fixtures in the space such as your lighting elements. If you have an oil rubbed bronze sink and warm wood appliances than you could go for more of a gold color. However, this would really clash with a room that was full of stainless steel so you really need to take this into account when you do go shopping.

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The amount of tile that you use and how easily it can be replaced is going to determine really how daring the color palette is that you can go with. For a Spanish kitchen if you have terra-cotta floors then you might want to continue this theme up onto the wall. You could do this by using a daring cobalt blue tile. Depending just how into this style you are you can even add in a few hand painted pieces that are going to bring in a lot of orange and olive greens. It is pretty important to consider your budget. You might want to just have a few accent tiles mixed in with a plain tile. This is going to add more neutrality to the room but at the same time it does ensure that you stay on budget. Plus, if every single piece was patterned this could be quite overwhelming. If you do decide to go this route then you will probably want to just use one or two rows of tiles just so that the piece isn’t really overwhelming the space.

You can also really create a focal point in your room with tile. You might want to pick the most important wall and then just go and fill the entire space with different tiles. The tile that you choose can really also herald back to different eras to create a theme. A subway tile has a very vintage feeling to it but it will still relate to any white appliances or cabinetry that you have going on in the space. It’s an interesting shape that is also still very cute and traditional.

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A really great thing about metallic kind of tiles is that it’s a classic color but you use it in a very non-traditional way. This means that you can have a wow factor in your room, but your wow factor isn’t going to become dated. It’s also a way to get stainless steel in your room if you can’t afford an appliance upgrade.

A way to get a neutral color for Kitchen Wall Tile, that is still going to be very interesting is to go with a stone. You can find all different kinds of beautiful tumbled marble. This kind of piece also comes in ceramic versions that can look very convincing if you’re worried about the price point or upkeep. You will want to make sure that you choose a color that can work with everything else in your room. However, since it does have such a variation from stone to stone you really are going to be able to tie your entire color palette together.

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