Top 10 Kitchen Corner Solutions in 2016

kitchen corner cabinet solutions in kitchen corner solutions Top 10 Kitchen Corner Solutions in 2016

The kitchen corner composition can be a compulsory solution or an aesthetic choice, but in any case is to be evaluated with particular attention.

Choose a corner kitchen

It is a topic, that of the corner kitchen, very difficult to deal with many aspects to consider when designing and possible purchase of furniture, given the many variables involved with respect to a linear composition.

Sometimes the choice for a corner kitchen solution is required maybe since the floor plan distribution of the apartment or the location of the plants require. Other times it’s a real aesthetic choice, stimulating from a creative point of view, to give a touch to the environment effect.

Leaving aside for the moment the reasons for that, we assume that the main plants, water and methane, are not binding on the composition, so we are free to act in this way.

The first advice I give is to avoid it in the machine comes in the cooktop or sink. However, I am aware that one of the reasons why you choose, sometimes, an angular composition, is just to have a stove design, with a major angular hood that catalyzes the attention on that area.

In this case it is then precisely from the part positioned in the base to build then the entire composition. There are various types of corner bases: the most classic, now quite obsolete but preferred in the classic models of furniture for kitchens, one is cut in plan view at 45 °, with the built-in oven, or with 60 cm normal door if the oven it is a column.

In this version, the stove can be a regular built-in appliances with 4 rings, 60 cm wide, or with 5 burners, 70/72/75 cm wide, centered on top, as the recessed hole is the same.

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Alternatively, there are various other furniture that, while being placed in line on a wall or the other, will form the corner when coupled with other bases. These bases, forming a right angle in the composition, do not allow the insertion of the oven under the top, but offer a whole range of internal equipment very useful.

They range from simple shelves to convenient revolving baskets, ending the most sophisticated mechanisms consist of trays in stainless steel containers that intersect inside and allow you to use the entire available space.

The latter solution is also the most expensive but, among those listed above, is the most suitable if you want to actually make the most of the space available to the angled base, because, by opening the door, is all the containing structure that is out completely, allowing a full and rational use, as well as comfortable.

A further alternative, which is a bit ‘the egg of Columbus, is the angular base 90×90 cm or 93×93 cm, 95×95 cm (depends on the company), with shelves at fixed angle and doors that open completely, swing, so as to obtain visually all free and usable space.

It is a definitely advantageous solution from the economic point of view because it has no internal mechanisms, but is especially handy, since it has everything to offer, perfectly in view. The same solution can be had with the revolving baskets and single door that opens like a book.

Built-in appliances in the kitchen corner

Let us now household appliances. With regard to the hob, in an angular kitchen will be of the shaped corner type, or rather a composition of individual places at 90 ° series elements. The manufacturers of built-in appliances do not offer a very wide range of angular hobs, for obvious reasons, but those available are truly remarkable, because in technology and aesthetics. The same goes for hoods: not wide range, but quality.

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Among the first companies to realize both appliances, Franke Design Plus offers the angular hood and hob Neptune, with 4 burners of which 1 triple ring for quick cooking, 1 double crown and 2 semi, the cast iron pan while the stainless steel finish is satin or Microdekor. The hood, stainless steel, has a maximum capacity of 700 mc / h, with steel filters in the dishwasher.

Same goes for Foster, whose hob Angular instead 5 gas burners, including 1 triple crown in the middle, 3 semi-rapid and 1 auxiliary sides, cast iron grids and optional accessories, such as the element brings wok and grill.

Pythagoras is instead the combined hood, brushed steel, with maximum capacity of aspiration 850 mc / h, equipped with spotlights and removable stainless steel filters.

Barazza offers 2 hobs select the line, both with 4 base gas burners, plus 1 or 2 items with triple crown.

Teka offers a hob with 4 gas burners and realized semifilotop bevelled glass, cast iron pan, 1 wok burner, 1 double crown, 1 medium and 1 auxiliary. The DQ hood 90 Crystal Corner has the double turbine engine with maximum extraction capacity 1,200 m³ / h.

Washing area in the corner kitchen

At the time of the sink choice, my advice is to avoid the sink at an angle, as engagement of the two pieces of the top is a risk with regard to infiltration of liquids and fats, which in this area are constantly present. If you can choose, in the corner, between stove and sink, preferred angular hob.

A normal top laminate, as water repellent, may be subject, over time, to bulges and consequent deterioration of the various layers of material. If you still opt for this solution, it would be appropriate to use the steel top, or quartz-based materials and synthetic resins, natural stone, or of the particular laminates, laminated, of minimum thickness, but absolutely safe in terms of tightness in the presence humidity.

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As regards the angular sink, even here there are few models on the market: to be preferred would be the version with the two tanks in line and the drip pan to 90 °, more comfortable to handle.

The angular drainer is little used, most commonly it chooses one normal place of one of the two walls. Alternatively there is the model cut at 45 ° resting on the floor, with shutter, or the hanging model at an angle in the two versions with 2 doors that open completely (as for the base), or with one single door which opens like a book.

Always valid, even if decidedly dated in terms of aesthetic solution, it is the classic version of the dish rack wall unit with door placed at 45 °.

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