Indoor Plants Clean The Air

Indoor Plants Clean The Air – Choosing a purifier or humidifier, wrap it in a flower shop. In fact, many houseplants are not only pleasing to the eye, but also improve the air in the room. And it is not necessary to surround himself with ambitious winter or vertical gardens in the wall. Quite a few pots to a small room. So, what kind of house plants useful, their names and properties? That room air-purifying plants are the best, as well, and moisturizing.

Air Humidification

Frequent use of space heaters, central heating and the inability to constantly ventilate the room, almost immediately feel like becomes irritated and over-dry skin. Besides us, suffering and furniture. For example, some types of wood and the skin does not tolerate dry air – there are cracks. To get rid of these “symptoms”, you need a permanent Hydration.

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This mission is the power of houseplants with multiple or large leaves. For example, almost all types of fern, Monstera, Ficus Benjamin, Scheffler and Calathea. From flowering room – Spathiphyllum. With proper care, regular watering and irrigation of these plants will not only decorate but also to humidify the room.

Also do not forget to water the plants placed in the glasses, a mini-pond, decorative fountains or waterfalls. Quite a large container with water to prevent dryness in the premises, but require maximum care. Stagnant water is not only to give an unpleasant smell, but also harm the plants.

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Air cleaning

It is difficult to name a harmful chemical that is not circling in urban apartments. Except that “fly” from the outside, added poisons and toxins coatings are not always perfect quality artificial leather and plastic. We did not even notice as they accumulate in our body. It feels only fatigue, drowsiness and irritability. To minimize the harmful substances in the apartment, many use electrical cleaners, conditioners with function of cleaning and ionization, and pay much attention to eco-friendly building materials, furniture and decorative elements.

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There is an opinion that many houseplants are drawn from the air all the nutrients, toxins and allergens leaving. This is not entirely true. Of course, there are indoor plants that can cause allergies. And it certainly will warn in the summary or in person at the store consultant. But the fact that plants emit toxins, complete nonsense. At least, if the plant is officially sold as an indoor, it can not be dangerous to health. Naturally, there are poisonous. For example, the yucca. But no one offers them there. Enjoy the health and nothing more!


Potted plants, cleaning the air in the apartment, NASA scientists interested in the late twentieth century. After two years of testing, they presented a list of plants which most effectively clean the air of harmful impurities such as benzene and formaldehyde. For the curious reader to give a link to the results of this study, and we will try to briefly summarize.

So we offer a sample list of air-purifying plants in houses and apartments, from which you can choose suitable for your interior and lifestyle. From the toxins and poisons can help get rid of: Dracaena, Spathiphyllum and Chlorophytum. As well as the beautiful indoor plants: anthurium, orchid (and its variants).


But for the removal of microbes fit: aloe, myrtle, a variety of bulbs, primrose, pelargonium, begonia, oleander, eucalyptus, euphorbia, peperomiya and, for example, Crassula.

Special thanks I want to say sansevieriya and ivy. This unique, wrongly debited to the ranks of unpopular plants. They do not just absorb harmful substances, they pull them. Recommend placed near, for example, lacquered furniture or in a room with artificial linoleum. That is why sansevieriya and ivy love in public institutions, such as hospitals or schools. Although they are quite decorative and for private interiors.

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If you are concerned about the unpleasant smell from the street, decorate windowsills pine, rosemary, lavender and citrus sapling. In addition to a pleasant aroma, freshness of air, these plants will save you from chronic respiratory diseases.

The main thing to consider: any plant will cease to perform its functions in a time when you will no longer take care of him. Do not forget to wash the dust from the leaves, aerate the soil, to arrange a warm shower, feed, and even talk to them. Otherwise, just go to the department of electrical cleaner – botany of you will not.

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