Design Ideas for Oak Kitchens

Design Ideas for Oak Kitchens

Oak Kitchens can really save you a lot of money. Oak kitchen cupboards were extremely popular a few decades ago. It’s also one of the least expensive wood choices that are out there. However, since it is so plentiful it can seem a little bit dated or boring. There are a lot of ways that you can either change this up or buy these pieces new and turn it into something quite special using painted kitchen cabinet ideas.

You can really add this onto more than just your cabinetry. In fact, if you have painted cabinetry, you might just want a warmer look in the space. This is going to give you a rustic or a farmhouse kind of feeling. In this case, you could just try out some very beautiful table and chair sets. If you want a Tuscan or a Southwest feeling this can have iron touches to it. This is going to make it a lot different than the typical set.

You can really upgrade your Oak Kitchens especially if you are building it in. Add in dish racks or islands. This is going to give it a more modern touch. The wood itself will still stay true to the country design aesthetic. This is going to ensure that your layout as well as the function of the space is going to be totally different than most other peoples even if they do use the same material.

Another really important consideration is going to be wall color. You can either decide to really make the oak stand out or blend in. Usually orange or yellow are going to seem really bright. However, oak has a lot of warm tones to it. You can just choose a brown color with very warm undertones that is going to blend in beautifully. This can give a more contemporary feeling to the cabinetry that you already have.

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Another color direction that you can go into is to really highlight the cabinetry. In this case, you could go with a cool blue or green. This is still going to be in keeping with the natural feeling of the country design style. However, the yellowish tones of the oak are really going to pop off the

You can also really bring this into your room on the walls. You can go with an oak wainscoting. This is going to be very rustic feeling. A natural wood is going to be a little bit more expensive than going with paint grade versions. This means that you’ll probably just want to seal it to show off the natural beauty of the wood. This works really well with painted cabinetry just because then your room isn’t going to feel overwhelmed by a lot of different wood grains.

The style of Oak Kitchens cabinet that you choose is also very important. Usually this would just be a typical paneled version. You can also find more missions styles which are going to focus on height and rectangular shapes. You could pair this with really beautiful square stained glass fixtures and iron accents. This is going to take it in a totally different direction. You could even really add in more wood with ceiling beams to accentuate a higher ceiling. This allows you to just take the cabinetry that you have and the material that you can afford but take it in a totally different design direction.

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