How To Decorate Garden With Recycled Materials

When you have a garden, it is recommended to add decorations to customize the space further. If you do not want to spend much, or you just want to give new life to old objects, you should consider using them to decorate your garden. Decorating with recycled materials, in fact, it is not only aesthetically appealing, but also helps the environment. There is no limit to the decorations that can be made with pieces that otherwise would end up straight in a landfill. Let’s see how to decorate garden with recycled materials.

If there is an old table in the house, we can adapt it for the garden with a restyling, simply with tiling or even better, creating a mosaic. The table in mosaic or tile is suitable for outdoor use, because it waterproof. If, however, the base and the foot of your table are made of wood, it is good to pass over a special waterproofing product. The chairs may be constituted by wooden logs, of the width and height suitable for a sitting.

You can use recycled items to create the decorative planters for your garden. The large coffee cans, for example, can be used to accommodate the plants and add color.

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A beautiful piece of furniture for the garden can consist of an old wooden ladder, as there are in almost all the old country houses. Headrest on a wall or a tree, in a vertical position, as if it should serve to go up, and use it as a planter, placing on it, ladders alternate, of iron flower vase beaten with inside of the pots with hanging flowers, like geraniums. Alternatively, you can put the base of the scale a climbing plant, like little rose or bougainvillea, and use it as a support for picking up the branches. In this case, however, keep in mind that the scale can not be absent placed at the end of summer (unless you cut the branches) and will be exposed to the elements all winter. So treat it first with a specific paint for exteriors.

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diy-recycled-planter-garden-ideas recycled-garden-art-ideas

Other pieces of furniture can become the old wooden barrels and the wicker baskets. The first, can turn into funny tops, they are still whole. If, however, are too damaged, you can cut them in half, fill them with earth and use them as planters. The baskets will be stuffed instead of hanging planters, to be attached to a tree or a wall, filled with hanging plants.


recycled-garden-flower-garden-wall-folk-art-with-park-bench using-recycled-industrial-materials-which-was-built-garden

Used old glasses or clear glass jars, arranging based on some fine gravel and laying on of tiny candles, citronella candles type. Place them in the garden, on a table or other surface and light this up at parties with friends or just to relax. Create a charming atmosphere and keep the mosquitoes away.

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