How To Cleaning Well Of The Garden

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If you have an artesian well in the garden built for several years, and you will notice that the water has a strange smell, or when the pull is not as clear as it once was, then it is time to empty it completely and to remove the slime that over the years has accumulated on the bottom and has determined the development of unpleasant odors. Through the comprehensive steps of this guide you will find out how cleaning well of the garden sucking its content with a submersible pump.

Make sure you have on hand:

  • An electric pump for dirty water immersion 1000 watt
  • 10/15 meters of rubber hose with a minimum 30 mm diameter
  • A metal clamp diameter 40
  • a screwdriver
  • An outlet or extension cord in place

If you do not own a home, the immersion pump for dirty water, so called because the base has fairly large holes, so as to push through mud and even some possible pebble. The pump must be of adequate power to the depth of the well. also buy the rubber tube which has a length such that, from the bottom may reach at least 3 meters out, the diameter will depend from the attack of the pump, also take the clamp to lock it.

Begin by mounting the hose to the elbow of the pump and then secure it with the hose clamp squeezing with the screwdriver. Subsequently place it down, together with the electric cable that is already mounted on the pump and has a length of over 10 meters. Fate lay the base on the bottom, set the thoroughly tube, so that with the water pressure remains stationary and then, arrange it towards a discharge point where there is more comfortable. However, it is recommended that this work be done in late summer in order to have a little water to pull up.

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Now, plug, on the end of cable into the power outlet or extension cord if you do not have a grip on the spot. From now on you you will see out the black water and muddy, and when the electric pump will lock means that aspired everything. If you have the chance, you pour in clean water and pick it out, until it comes out clear. Remove the pump and Provide fill the well, otherwise, if it is the kind of well that fills alone during the winter there is nothing left to do but wait for the rainy season. In the event that the operation described not be successful, and remains the odor, then it will be appropriate to consult the specialist firms that deal with the maintenance of the wells. They will provide through a special treatment, involving a washing both mechanical and chemical to immediately clean the well.

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