A lot of homes have wood decking installed in their backyard to serve as an added living space that can be used to enjoy the outdoors or perhaps host occasional outdoor parties. Although a wood deck can be quite lovely, it can develop mold and grime over the years, sometimes resulting in damage and wood […]

The roof garden is a green space, by nature usually reduced compared to normal outdoor gardens, proceeds from the terraces of mezzanines, from roofs or by more or less large balconies. But it can happen not to have completely no idea how to decorate this environment. This is also because the space available is contained, […]

DIY, do it yourself and sheets are activities that are widespread in recent times. By now, all those who dabble with the do-it-yourself know that you can build, create and realize any object, even furniture for your home. This tutorial is intended to give some guidance and useful advice on how to make a garden […]