Adjusting Room Light For Your Home

No wonder the designers give so much importance to lighting and interior planning. With the successful exposed light can not only make a room light, give it a certain mood, but also in the literal sense of the word to correct it. You need to visually reduce or increase the height of the ceiling on the contrary, expand or narrow corridor, divide the room into different zones? All this can be done by. How to adjusting room with light? Read below.

• Large premises better illuminate lamps direct light.
• The height of the ceiling, you can adjust a few options. The first – with the help of the value of the chandelier. Low ceilings suitable small ceiling near the ceiling, and high – large chandeliers, intricate designs with lowered down on ropes or chains. The second method – use the direction of the light. Thus, a high ceiling can be reduced if direct light rays on the walls from top to bottom. This ceiling will be in the shade, and will appear visually below. If you have the opposite problem and the need to increase the height – mounted on the wall lights with directional upward rays. Well-lit ceiling will be higher.
• Bright light cross cut length of the room.
• The narrow corridor can be extended by placing lights on a flat line along one wall. In addition, the illuminated wall at the end of the corridor as well make it wider. If you set the number of luminaires along the midline of the ceiling, it will narrow the space.
• Visually expand the area of the small room will help the reflected or scattered light. To do this, you must provide the maximum coverage of the walls. Consolidate the results, you can use decorative materials with a reflective effect. The easiest way a mirror, a light, smooth the wallpaper.
• Make the interior more voluminous and interesting will highlight some of its elements – paintings, niches, glass shelves, floor vases and sculptures.
• Fabulous, mysterious atmosphere will create beams of light directed from the floor to the wall.
• Any work surface is better to cover the highly directional light.
• Dimmer will help you to easily change the intensity, depending on the situation and personal preferences.

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Using these tips, you can choose the most convenient location of fixtures for each individual room. It is important to choose not only the perfect design and rugged construction, but also do not forget about the functional load of such powerful tools, such as lighting. In an effort to create the most comfortable and harmonious interior, you can and should use all available means.

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