1970s Interior Design Trends

In the world of fashion and design 1970s called the “Decade of bad taste”, so controversial were the trends and innovations for those years. But modern interior designers came to taste this colorful and rich style. To him and all affected disco and hippie subculture, the emergence of the first floppy disk and email, numerous wars and natural disasters. People wanted more bright colors, simple forms and clear compositions.

Boho shades

Many shades of purple, red, purple, orange, turquoise. A special role is played by the orange shades – they crumble the walls, making for furniture upholstery, curtains and accessories to buy. The characteristic feature of the style have become unexpected color combinations-pink with green, orange with blue, black, white.


1970-interior-design-living-room 1970-interior-design-orange-living-room 1970-interior-design-red-living-room

Polished surface

Another feature that distinguishes this style from the previous decade. Sideboards, coffee tables and dressers with lots of shelves and chairs with wide apart and tapering to the bottom of the legs. Everything is simple and always polished.

Noble interior

Most often, the furniture was upholstered in a soft, pleasant to the touch upholstery – plush, velvet, leatherette. Another bright feature of the style – plush (velvet), head of the bed in the bedroom.

1970-interior-design-ideas 70s-inspired-interior-design-family-room

Carpets on the floor

And not only on the floor but also in the walls. But in today’s interpretations, the carpets were only on the floor – small, large, bright, pastel shades in the kitchen and living room.

Made with his own hands

In the 70s it was fashionable to make their own decorations and accessories for your home. A variety of pillows, blankets, rugs, embroidered panels, and even lampshades. Thanks to this “spiritual” to detail the interior becomes an individual and exclusive.

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60s-interior-design 70s-inspired-interior-design-red-style interior-design-trends-2016 70s-style-house-architecture

Specific accessories

Lava lamps, crystal trinkets, tin spice jars, radio, desk lamps, plates and cups made of porcelain, cheap popular prints – certainly all you could see in the home of his grandparents. These lovely messengers of the last refresh and more decorate the interior. The main thing is not to overdo it with the amount of moderation in everything is important.

Closest to us the time period that evokes nostalgic memories of the houses and apartments of our grandmothers. Another offshoot of the same style, is a hi-tech, which arose in England on the basis of industrial design. But he is so different that it became a full-fledged interior styles, popular to this day.

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